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Life is originally living…

In fact, we can find their own reasons for why I had to go to work, why have to wake up at 6 o’clock every morning, why have traveled 1 hour traffic jam at travel and 1 hour at about every day, why be upset and rolled so with those who actually are not related to us too. The reason there is only one
This is a living
Nobody does not hope for peace every Monday struggled
Nobody does not seek sleep offset engrossed in each weekend
None of us are not shouting receipt messages reported monthly salary
Perhaps we are just happy, just suffering, has struggled with many places 4 painting lightning glass panel windows and the dim tight 8 to 10 hours a day. Surely many of us also had to dance continuously, turn out do hear it to craft the other, and not lack who exhausted the threshold mature
If you have to choose the books you love the most, that affects you most books and a lot of us here are going to find it was his book “NOT HAPPY TO WORK WITH? “What is this of Studio
If you’ve ever thought about becoming an employee dedication or how sometimes when time sober enough to think of how to be safe where the office, away from habits of idleness, shunned sex from the this book is the book for you. How to survive but to earn a living, you no longer have to look too far.
Author of the book as well as us, who might have been and will continue to live in the office. So his story recounted in very general office there, maybe one of us will see his silhouette. Reading the book is finished, make sure you will see me, it was actually her feel very lonely place his great office, but its actually not alone such that is everyone. All of us unfortunately are victims and that perpetrators of evil urban silver. But it does not matter, ultimately, if the kinder, we always have each other and together.
Buy books, you get not only a book. That there is a universe about the world they live a faith that, well actually we can survive where offices wisely better, healthier, and more peaceful we still do now hours. Maybe if successfully applied the lessons in “NOT HAPPY TO WORK WITH? “Later on forever, you no longer have to stand on the 6th floor operating room heard the curse and head just think falling is here for easiness.
Because ultimately life is still life only, most importantly INSIGHTS

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