Building strategy Writing Everyday

Maybe I could have written better

The farthest distance in the world, from thinking in the head to the words on the page.

I realized this after 7 days of continuous writing. That’s what makes me the most concerned. I should be happy, because I have come a little way with everyone. However, that joy was like the light of the moon before dawn, and it was obscured by clouds. I realized the truth (cruel): I’m not as good at writing as I used to be.

When I was a child, on the first day of school, when I looked up at the colorful bubbles in the sky, I wondered where they would fly. If their destination is paradise, will they go there safely? Or some will have an unfortunate accident and then explode? For a while, I also have my own bubble. When I read a normal article of another person, I often thought that writing like that would make everyone write, and I could write better than that. Day by day, I live in the bubble of illusion I created, and allow myself to be satisfied with that. The bubble floats in the air, supporting and protecting me from the harsh outside. Then one day…


Bubbles shattered. And I fell down in a really dark, deep place. That’s when I am fully aware of my true ability, how poorly I am, and how lazy I am. The more I write, the more I realize that words have a great authority. It only allows me to express my ideas within its limits. It will be a long process for you to master the words. To be free to shape, sharpen it, and play with it the way you want. Well then … I just know I wish myself to be strong.

Well, maybe people find this post a bit pessimistic, right? But not really. Through this article, I just want to send a small message. That if somewhere in the group, anyone is experiencing the same feelings as you, it’s okay! I believe that just by persisting, everything will be fine. Good writing or whatever, it’s important that we don’t give up no matter how hard …

Thank you so much for being with me. Everyone is my great motivation! ^^

Have a nice day.

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