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Please read books if you need a separate direction

I recently estimated that I will be writing a Comment for the group on form posts. Thinking about editing something long, think about it. Anyway, this website is not my own stage, only then everyone looks like, the owner does not have ideas, how much they do. Feel free to continue, if not happy then go out in comfort.

No, more than 30 seasons of pruritus – my hometown doesn’t have taro, all of it really – I have a mental or psychological problem, really, it’s incomprehensible how things work: who returns the flying saucer to return to my planet !!!!

I am bewildered and ignore all the things that my family and teachers try to cram in their heads – sort of Disappointed. Say no no where, read and sing along with my siblings at home, forever know how to write and write like a doctor from grade 1. But since I can read by myself, I always learn in front of my friends at least 2 years, in social subjects. And naturally, some kind of Mathematics Physics Chemistry and Xyz, not counting the human language, it’s the language of superheroes, I can’t learn it. 90% will copy your work, including taking the exam. Copy enough 9 points always. Except for the university exam, ok!

Later, the social knowledge, expertise, self-reading textbooks (because the lecture hall … sleep), self-study when doing more, and learn from the cross boss boss.

The information I collect is quite mixed. So sometimes, I am crazy about them myself. For many years, I want to change myself, change my mind and lifestyle, but do as I want, no method, nor know who to study. Because of lack of faith.

Probably blessed to take me to meet her. An ordinary practitioner and a book reader. She heard me share something and give me books about reading. Only my dear ones know, how I crave books.

Her book is a book about Buddhism, not Buddhism. Read through a few pages, immediately hit the things I’ve wondered forever. So, holding the book in my hand, it felt like holding the key to open the door of my mind.

I have accumulated all the trauma from my childhood, in that immature mind. Fears, feelings of loneliness, whip, yelling, or lack of love, bullying, friends, bullying.

It is also a comparison between people, their children cause so much hurt, low self-esteem, each self-deprecation is a one-time change in the child’s personality.

There is also indifference, lack of recognition, passions, dreams of crushing my heart, everywhere, children who live according to the wishes of adults without having one day to live with them.

But not only that, but when growing up a little again, life falls down, friendships, first love break down. The pain, the pain, hang around us. In my mind I always wanted to finish it, heal it, but no wonder, each time it was a failure!

Once again the pain deep in my heart!

Until the heart of a boy! People say it’s mature! Why is growth so painful?

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