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Writing everyday…500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer is the first movie that made me sob in public, stepped out of the theater in a state of no longer powerless.
Perhaps this is the only film made me cry even see the umpteenth time. Even breathing problems immediately when they met the film’s opening sentence:
This is not a love story. This is a story about love.
This obviously is not a love story, which is the story of every couple of days Story passionate love, meet the other half as immediately see your fate. But no one knows what might happen if suddenly one morning we saw all love waking up the rest.The psychological changes from moment to love passionately suffering torment after parting never so true. Chronology in 500 days in love and break up of two main characters are arranged clutter from day 488 to day 1, day 11, day 340 … as the searched memories, and embellished attractive for the film.

Whether in movies how much truth does not want but still have to accept it in the end, the message of love is again being portrayed. This is not a love story. Simply the story of love:
“People change. Feelings change. But là không mean love once shared was not true and real. It simply vì người khi sometimes Grow, Grow chúng apart. ”
Films suitable for all audiences, including the dreamer and the realist. And with 500 Days of Summer, certain (at least) to see subtitles in English by the dialogue in a movie full of values by which the translation can be replaced. As the existence of love.

Hanoi welcomed a new summer coming then. Will be quick 🙂

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