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You see, endless happiness!

As a married woman, the dawn has just come at me to start working, busy with daily work, so many things, countless things to do. Often, just a little time is devoted to my ideals and my ambitions

I’ve been through such a time, just chasing after my own desires, my desires, spending my time on meaningless things, only to find my life boring and tasteless.

But in a sunny afternoon, a new acquaintance gave me a book of psychology skills of Oopsy. Holding the book “TODAY YOU MUST START LIVING NOW, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” in my hand, I seem to see the good in me being aroused, a new horizon is opening before my eyes.

Myself I find that in everyone’s life there are times when it is wrong, letting go of yourself according to desire but the important moment is to realize it, LET GOING TO NEED and HOLD WHAT YOU SHOULD hold to find yourself worth living and more meaningful

From that day on, I have cultivated myself the habit of reading books and practicing writing content, so that I can sow seeds of knowledge every day, gradually control my life.

And always keep in mind the words my teacher taught, “LIVING FOR BEAUTY IN YOURSELF, AND SMILING WHEN IT WOULD COME TO HEAVEN OR NIGHT”.


Everyone has their passion. Very few people work on their passion. Very few! Those people are usually happy people !.

Do you want to be happy? Have you ever had hp?

I bet you don’t have much hp. And some people have not figured out what happiness is, let alone have it.

I was also unhappy!

But1 good day, I lost my job. The feeling of having nothing to do on a midweek day made me feel down. Ng works at least 12 hours a day and doesn’t have anything to do now.

But in the end I worked so hard to do what?

I am still there. Still only eat pepper. But feel so miserable? Can people like me choose happiness?

Then 1 person appeared to say that I have to go to serve everyone. That is my mission. Oh! What is the mission?

After that, I lived with the mission to cure kidney problems – my dream is not to have kidney stones anymore.

I am living really with what I love most, 100% of patients are satisfied with my medication.

You see, endless happiness!

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